Tuesday, August 28, 2012

How many boyfriends can a Nigerian girl have? Funny and pathetic video

Listen to the voices of poverty, genesis of abuse, patriarchy, and bad governance.


  1. I've been avoiding this video all day. And now that i'm actually trying to watch it, i've only made it to 3 minutes before i just called it quits. hot nonsense.

  2. One word, SAD!!!!! I saw it on lindaikeije..See the pride in justifying foolishness..Nawa oh

  3. I would like to see the men version. would be much more interesting!

  4. @Gold, as in! see pride in justifying. Did you hear the chic who said 3 is responsible? And the other one who said i'm a lady??? i can't laugh o. See back-up plan movement. I'm not shocked that this happens, i'm just shocked they are facing the camera and spewing it forth.

  5. This has got to be some kind of a joke, right?
    What the hell where they thinking?

  6. it is said that a woman needs five men in her life one to fix things, one to pay for things, one to talk to, one to go dancing/clubbing with and one to have sex with so these girls may not be wrong after make una free them oooo lol as for me one with all five qualities is fine by me....lol @the girl who saved a man's name as "expenses" hahaha

    1. haha... abi I think the ultimate goal is to find that one man that is all five of those things

  7. Saw this video a couple of days ago and till now I'm still in awe... if I didn't know better I for say all of them be actors or dem dey lie but if na so then nsogbu di kwa

  8. Why are Nigerians shocked. Please we all here of university prostitutes, sugar daddies etc

    As Nigerian men are known for their low use of condoms, the question that should have been asked is how many abortions they have had.

  9. I throw my hands up in the day!! These girlz. Where did they find em!! See audacity..lwkmd

  10. I can't insult them
    when purpose is not known
    abuse is inevitable!


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