Friday, September 2, 2011

It's Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday

... everybody's looking forward to the weekend, weekend. Yay, it's Friday. I woke up singing Rebecca Black's song. I've updated this blog every day since Sunday... *history in the making ^_^.* I thought I should share some of my art .....

I love this quote. The rest of it goes: Average minds discuss events. Small minds discuss people.  Hmm... where do I fall under? Oh gosh,  I enjoy talking about people and events..... what does that mean.
This song has been playing in my head since Sugabelly wrote about colonial mentality on of my post.

Have a fun and relaxing weekend.



    Great minds think alike - After the bombings etc in Naija, I've been playing Fela's 'Shuffering and Shmiling' all week long

    My hubby was even asking whether I want to start a revolution...?! LOL

    Enjoy the weekend...I def intend to!

  2. @NIL,

    LOL.. yup, we really thinking alike o. Fela's songs have been playing in my head. He was really a legend. There's a particular song that I was looking for that really hits what is happening in Naija on the head, but I didn't find it.

    Thanks... I also hope to enjoy my mine.

  3. You're def getting better. I love the woman with the tomatoes. Just read a prose on BN about Jos. Naija!

  4. I've always liked Fridays and this weekend is going to be a long one. Nice artwork. I especially like the first and second...

  5. Love ur artwork. Have a great weekend too...

  6. Blessings.....
    just ducked in to say hi, hello and how do you do. nice art, lovely quote.

    take care and have a fab weekend.

  7. Nice artwork. I cant draw to save my life. The only person who thinks my drawing is awesome is my 3year old and she doesnt know any better.
    I love the quote

  8. 'Great minds' is a classic, just like Fela is. So you love the classics or the antiques, great value!

  9. Why does the lady selling tomatoes remind me of 'tomato Jos'. I like!! ;)
    This weekend is one of my shortest. Haba, time was just a-flying.

    Events, people, ideas? I shall quote Ecclesiates...there is a time and place for everything :)

  10. Well done on the daily posts! Not quite an easy feat.
    I'm loving the tomato seller painting.
    It's now Sunday by the way :)
    Have a lovely week!

  11. Thank you all for the comments. I'm glad you all like the art. Continue to enjoy the weekend :-)
    Yes, it's Sunday night, but the weekend doesn't end until Monday morning :-p

  12. Lovely song.. Wow i had completely forgotten about rebecca black. and you paint so well, ur prolly one of those artsy folk huh?

  13. LoOoll!! You just made me see weekends in a new light.

  14. Fela is just the man, his music spoke to a generation and beyond..I cant even say God help Nigeria anymore..sometimes it seems God left Nigeria a while ago.


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